Lexmark Carpeting

Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, Lexmark Carpet Mills, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of carpet for the hospitality segment of the commercial market. Founded in 1993, Lexmark supplies carpeting to both mid-tier and high-end hotels for use in public areas and guestrooms. Lexmark's fully integrated manufacturing capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment and unsurpassed customer service have enabled rapid growth. Within the hospitality sector, Lexmark is the largest producer of tufted broadloom carpet.

Company Milestones
• 1993- Lexmark was founded in September
• 1994- Purchased first tufting machine
• 1996- Purchased commission tufting operation and building
• 1997- Building addition and 3 twisters and 1 heat set tunnel
• 1998- Purchased first Legacy (Colortec) machine (first such machine in the U.S.)
• 2001- Purchased first Neumag extrusion line
• 2003- Purchased twisting and heat set operation and building
• 2004- Building addition and installation of second Neumag extrusion line
• 2006- Building addition and installation of third Neumag extrusion line
• 2008- Purchased two Intrepid/Dynamics (scroll) tufting machines from Tuftco
• 2009- Building addition put all phases of manufacturing and corporate headquarters under one roof
• 2011- Lexmark enters the residential market
• 2015- Lexmark acquires Northwest Carpets
• 2016- Purchased Vivid (I-tron Machine) and Purchased fourth Neumag extrusion line

Vertical Integration
Lexmark's integrated extrusion capabilities generate competitive advantages through significant cost savings, enhanced customization, and industry-leading delivery speed. Lexmark's ability to produce its own yarn supply reduces the need to maintain large amounts of inventory and enables Lexmark to react quickly to produce yarns in custom and standard running line colors. In house yarn extrusion, yarn processing, and tufting has led to substantial cost saving which has been passed on to our customers through lower prices. The combination of service, styling, quality, and pricing has led to Lexmark becoming a market leader in the hospitality carpet market.